If you have a problem that has become so tangled that it seems impossible to unravel, we commit ourselves to invest knowledge, energy and dilligence to reach that point that today looks remote:
things work out... The future may be clear.

The Client

Judkovsky y Asociados is oriented to the solution of controversies originating in private and business relationships, covering civil, commercial and labor law. This profile is defined by our commitment to preserve the judicial and professional tradition by providing a personalized attention to each client.

The Scenario

Society changes constantly. On the one hand there are unbelievable advances, on the other, the scenarios of conflict and controversy seem to multiply. Statistics show that a person actively participating in industry, commerce or liberal professions (and with multiple relationships with family members, friends and acquaintances) will face, during his lifetime, various situations that may bring about legal consequences. These effects generate extraordinary expenses difficult to afford. Problems are complex, but our customer's needs are concrete. When someone comes to our firm, that person is seeking a solution: the question is how to reach it. First, we analyze the problem patiently and in depth; then, we determine the steps to take: negotiation, litigation or a combination of both.


Nowadays, nobody argues the convenience of having professionals or systems that protects people and their families ill the event heals problems arise. But it is also essential to count with professionals who take care of individual rights. Lawyers must not only litigate with efficiency, but also protect their clients by anticipating prospective conflicts that may arise.


Any judicial strategy that keeps the client in a state of confusion and uncertainty, regardless of its result, is harmful. Judkovsky & Asociados offer its clients positive solutions and support. Therefore, our firm commits itself to respond to all questions and clear all doubts. We support our clients while procedural steps develop, foreseeing the possible effects of our action. We will always be there for our client to clarify any decision about the steps and strategies followed to come up with a solution. We commit ourselves to invest knowledge, energy and diligence to reach that points that today looks remote: things work out... The future may be clear.


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