Judkovsky & Asociados

Customer service -undertaking the irrevocable commitment to study any problem presented to us-, respect for the individual in all aspects, responsibility before the community, and our best effort to assist in the development of an agile and transparent justice, constitute the guiding principles of our organization. The work to accomplish these principles during almost thirty years in the judicial arena has enabled us to build a reputation of integrity, which we summarize in the concept of tradition of confidence. The objective of our firm and its members is to accomplish excellence in legal services, constantly increasing our professional quality as reliable counselors and representatives of our clients. We are convinced that we have the appropriate negotiating techniques, academic strength, honesty and staff to achieve such objective.


Córdoba 836 6° PISO - C1054AAU Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tel: 54 11 5272 1213 / Fax: 54 11 5272 1215